Orientear FC

Leyton Orientear Football Club

est. 1987

The Orientear team has been playing fixtures since way back in December 1987. This first match was a 5-2 defeat to the West Brom Strollers, and well-known O’s stalker Julian Lillington was found in the dressing post-match blubbing at the result.

Over the years the team has seen players come and go but is still going strong, mainly playing against other clubs’ fans teams but also sides such as the Stratford Stompers, University College Librarians and the Hackney Tree Surgeons.

The longevity of the team cannot be put down to much in the way of success. Indeed, the Orientear FC is notable mainly for providing a chance to play football to many men and a few women who would not be allowed near any other football team in the country. This is mainly down to our policy that any Orient fan who turns up is guaranteed at least half a game.