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Praise be - the Ear has survived for another season, and is now ready to enter its 37th. The mag has survived pandemics, recessions, wars, multiple relegations, inflation, and bereavements, so it must have something going for it. Anyway, help us keep the old dear going - in an age of digital always-online reaction, there's something to be said for something reflective and progressive, don't you think?

After some heated debate at Cabinet, we've decided to keep prices at the same level as last season, in spite of inflation raging all about the place. We're doing our bit to help our readers through the cost of living crisis. Although, if you do feel more generous, we'd welcome any extra you feel happy to chuck in.

So, £13.50 will get you at least 5 (and maybe more) paper editions delivered to your door, P&P included, provided you live in the UK. £6 will get you exclusive access to digital copies. Why not push the boat out and get both? If you're overseas, drop us a line on and let's see what we can work out.

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